About Small Planet

Small Planet Supply is a company dedicated to the supply, education, and training in the use of energy-efficient building materials and practices. We are passionate champions of the concept that humans can build buildings to live in, while caring for and restoring the environment. We think that it's possible to build both classic and modern high performance buildings with non toxic, low embodied energy building materials that are safe to source, and safe to use to create comfortable Low Energy Buildings. 

A Division of WestCoast Associates Inc. (established in 1998), the Small Planet Workshop opened in late 2009 in Olympia, Washington to support the growing interest in high performance building envelope construction found in Passivhaus & Zero Energy Buildings. The "Workshop" part of the name was chosen to reflect the our early role as a place to think about and find solutions to the sourcing and application problems of super-insulated and air tight assemblies that would be the backbone of North American Passivhaus development.  

In 2015, the company changed its name to Small Planet Supply as more people got to know us as a trusted mainstream supplier delivering the solutions we had worked out and brought to market in our early "Workshop" days. 

Small Planet has a long list of early adoption, including:

  • First North American stocking dealer for SIGA tapes and membranes.

  • First logistics agent to support SIGA's development in the North American market servicing all North American customers.

  • First stocking dealer for Agepan high perm vapor open wood-fibre insulation boards.

  • Brand creator and founder of ThermaCork 100% natural cork insulation.

  • First US stocking dealer of Hanno Band sealants and expanding foam window installation tape.

  • Pacific Northwest stocking dealer for Zehnder ventilation systems.

  • First US stocking dealer of Heco Therm screws for attachment of rigid mineral wool insulation.

  • Placed first North American purchase order with partner Sanden Corporoation for first approved models of revolutionary Sanden CO2 heat pump hot water heater.

  • Project manager and underwriter of version 8 Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) translation to US inch/pound for US passive house designners.

  • Co-founder and admin support of CertiPHIers Cooperative - an Passivhaus institute accredited building certifier.

  • First regional dealer for Havelock Wool.

Creating a better planet means learning new ways to build

At Small Planet Supply we believe that innovation is a team sport. Stocking the most energy-efficient building supplies isn’t helpful if our customers don’t know how to use them. That’s why we offer workshops about the materials and mechanical systems we sell. Small Planet’s Workshops help us all move forward in understanding new tools and ideas

Albert Rooks, Small Planet Supply, CEO

Albert Rooks, Small Planet Supply, CEO

We Seek a Profit by Using a Moral Compass

"It's our opinion that "social responsibility" and a "profitable business" have never been mutually exclusive. We support and agree with new thinking that illustrates that social and environmental issues are, in fact, "market opportunities". Addressing the "issues of the day" is in fact a sustainable & profitable business plan. Read the New York Times Article "First make money, then do good". Think of ecological action and investment as a market opportunity." 

--Albert Rooks