Mechanical systems for low energy projects need expert design and installation.  Please contact one of our partners below in the USA and Canada. 

Qualified Advisors and Installation Contractors requested in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada.

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Help us build a network of qualified professionals familiar with the needs of low energy buildings. If your interested in building a market based on our highly efficient low load equipment, let us help you connect with potential clients and projects.

There is a growing demand for System Advisors. Projects are looking for experienced mechanical system designers who are familiar with our equipment and can help develop a project design. The areas range from simple ventilation design review, to project heat load calculation and design for the super efficient Sanden CO2 heat pump hot water heater COMBI SYSTEM.

Installation contractors who have experience working on projects with super insulation, and critical air barriers are in demand. We will only recommend contractors who have worked on projects where air tightness goals have been met.

These projects often require installers to be aware of, and discuss with the project supervisor, the introduction of thermal bridges and potential moisture management issues as the installation progresses.