Zehnder System Commissioning

Commissioning has become an important practice in the construction world.  With the advent of high performance standards it is important to know that what was designed is actually what was built.  Commissioning agents inspect the different systems of a building to make sure they have been installed and are operating as designed.

Zehnder America is in charge of the ventilation designs for each project.  Their engineers will carefully plan how to best ventilate your project.  The commissioning agents will take those plans and test all aspects of the install and operation to make sure that design was installed properly and is operating as planned.  They can adjust the flow of the air so that the circulation patterns will provide the proper designed exchange of stale and fresh air so that you have a healthful environment to live in.   This is vitally important especially for the Passive House projects that are being built as airtight as they are.  The heat recovery ventilator is more than just a way to keep heat in your building; it is how fresh air is brought in.  For a healthful environment it is important to know that your ventilation system is functioning as it was designed to and that as the owner you know what your responsibilities are and how to perform them. 


How to Order Commissioning for your System.

Is your system ready for the commissioning agent?

Systems are ready for commissioning when they are installed and running with all controllers, remotes, diffusers installed. If your project is ready, please go here to request a commissioning. If the system is not running with all of the diffusers in place, it's not ready. Commissioning agents can't complete installations. if they find that they have to leave and return another day due to an incomplete installation, a return change of $150 USD will be added.

If your system meets the above description, you may request system commissioning here: 


Zehnder independent commissioning agents are noted below as reference only. Please request an agent by the request a commissioning link above.