Free Workshops in February

Small Planet Supply’s product workshops are a chance to learn more about the products we carry and how to use them. This February we are holding product workshops in our Tumwater and Vancouver locations as well as Nanaimo, BC. In addition to being a great opportunity to learn about one of our energy-efficient lines, you’ll have the opportunity to meet others in your local community and enjoy lunch on us! Upcoming workshops include:

Sanden C02 Heat Pump Water Heaters:
February 5 - Vancouver (Register)
February 6 - Nanaimo (Register)
Learn more about Sanden at our Sanden page

Zehnder HRV Systems:
February 12 - Vancouver (Register)
Learn more about Zehnder at our Zehnder page

February 7 - Tumwater (Register)
Learn more about Prosoco at our Prosoco page


Decorative Thermacork

Three beautiful new patterns produced by CNC are a stirring way to add a sophisticated yet natural feel to interior or exterior spaces.

AISOL BarCode 1000x500x50mm.jpg

The panels are produced using the 100% natural decorative grade cork. All scrap and dust from machining is returned back into the manufacturing process with 0% waste.  The panels are sound absorbent like all other expanded cork and give a quote natural feel to any environment.  Patterns are available for immediate shipment in USA and Canada.

New designs are two sizes of the WAVE and the BAR CODE as seen above. More designs are coming soon. Learn more about Thermacork at their website:

You can learn more about Thermacork products available at Small Planet Supply by going to our Thermacork page.

2019 BC Airtightness Classes

Thanks to a grant from BC Hydro, Fortis BC, BC Housing and Province of British Columbia we are are reducing the cost of our air-tightness classes by $100 through April 30, 2019 and we’re providing our workshops in locations throughout the British Columbia Province.

Our one day training covers air-tightness from top to bottom in a day. Starting with a short discussion on what an air barrier is, and how to define it on your project,  the day quickly becomes a hands-on class that details how an air barrier is made, how it fits at a ceiling junction, how it connects to the foundation or slab, how it works around balconies, decks, and overhangs,  and how it connects to plumbing, sprinklers and vents.

Upcoming locations include Victoria, Nanaimo, Campbell River, Kimberley, Nelson and Prince George. Learn more by going to our workshop page.

Sanden CO2 Water Heaters

Sanden CO2 heat pump water heaters are starting to create a buzz. In 2018, all of our Sanden workshops were full and people started ordering these state-of-the art products for their projects. We are hoping we can get even more people excited about Sanden’s system and here’s why:

The system replaces standard heat pump refrigerants with CO2, which dramatically increases the efficiency, while eliminating the global warming potential of standard refrigerants. It's a double whammy of effectiveness achieved by collecting CO2 from manufacturing waste streams.

At a capacity of 15,000 BTU/hr, the system can be a simple dedicated hot water heater, or can be designed into a COMBI SYSYEM that supplies both domestic hot water (DHW) and heat for your energy efficient home (space conditioning).

Space conditioning delivery methods can range from hot water radiators to a full radiant floor system. Contact us for more information. Read more about Sanden.