Small Planet at San Luis Obispo on September 7

Small Planet Supply will be at Hayward Lumber's 100 Year Anniversary in Santa Barbara on September 7 and we invite you to attend this free event to learn more about how Small Planet Supply and how we can help you meet California's Title 24 requirements.

Small Planet Supply has been supporting the growing energy-efficient building market since 2010, offering building materials and education in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada.

We help architects, builders, and homeowners make educated decisions for new and retrofit buildings. In British Columbia we have been providing supplies and education for builders, architects, energy modelers, and homeowners to help them meet their new building requirements and we're excited to help the California building community do the same.

We hope you'll register to attend Hayward's free event and visit our booth. In addition to meeting us and seeing some of our energy-efficient products, you can enter to win a free ticket to the Net Zero Conference in Los Angeles on October 3rd.

You can register for Hayward's 100 Year Anniversary (free) Celebration using by clicking on the above graphic. We hope to see you there!

Sanden C02 Heat Pump Water Heaters



Sanden CO2 heat pump water heaters are starting to create a buzz. In 2018, all of our Sanden workshops were full and people started ordering these state-of-the art products for their projects. We are hoping we can get even more people excited about Sanden’s system and here’s why:

The system replaces standard heat pump refrigerants with CO2, which dramatically increases the efficiency, while eliminating the global warming potential of standard refrigerants. It's a double whammy of effectiveness achieved by collecting CO2 from manufacturing waste streams.

Contact us for more information. Read more about Sanden.

ThermalBuck Video Details Its Easy Installation

Small Planet Supply recently began carrying ThermalBuck this summer and the first round of workshops were a success. If you didn’t get a chance to attend the workshops, here is a quick peek on what it does.

New BC Program Targets Government Buildings


A new Clean BC Clean BC Buildings program will make government buildings greener. A public announcement at the British Columbia Institute of Technology highlighted some of the program, which included:

  • The program’s impact: It will target 1,000 government buildings which account for around 8% of the total provincial public-sector emissions.

  • Three upcoming goals for British Columbia: By 2021, all new government facilities will include electric vehicle charging stations. By 2022, all new government facilities will use 100% clean energy. By 2032, all new buildings in BC will be net-zero-energy ready.

  • There are also Clean BC Efficiency Rebates available for people and businesses to improve their homes and buildings by installing new heating and cooling systems, upgrade major appliances, improve insulation and complete BC Hydro energy-saving evaluations. You can learn more about the program by clicking here.

You can learn more about British Columbia’s actions to address climate change, including the new CleanBC Government Buildings Program by clicking here.

New KlimaGuard Line Helps Small Planet Supply Stick to Its Values

Starting in April, Small Planet began offering a new line of high-performance building tapes called KlimaGuard.  Since we already offer a number of high-performance tapes, you may be wondering why we’ve added another line to our inventory.    The answer is quite simple, incredible value.   Small Planet Supply CEO Albert Rooks made this change to address an unmet demand in the market.  “Builders want to construct better buildings,” Rooks said, “But the high cost of high-performance tapes makes it difficult to stay within budget.” (Read more)

Heat Recovery Ventilation Demystified

Heat recovery ventilators and energy recovery ventilators are amazing, but sometimes it can be perplexing how to explain what it does. Recently Albert Rooks, CEO of Small Planet Supply, participated in a video series about passive house construction. In the video segment above, Albert explains in simple terms how HRVs and ERVs work.

Watch for yourself and then amaze your friends with your new knowledge.

Learn more about Zehnder HRV/ERV Systems

Decorative Thermacork

AISOL BarCode 1000x500x50mm.jpg

Three beautiful new patterns produced by CNC are a stirring way to add a sophisticated yet natural feel to interior or exterior spaces. Read More